More than simply Meditation / Beyond Meditation

I can relate to the fact that it’s not always easy to get out of the warm, cozy bed in the morning. I used to feel the same way 😉

But with small morning routines, we can consciously prepare our body for the day. I would like to introduce you to some simple, easy-to-implement morning rituals that have proven themselves very well in my experience. They have made it immensely easier for me to get up early.

1)  Consciously observe the body

After waking up, give your body a few more minutes of attention before getting out of bed. Do you feel signals? Is your body still trying to tell you something? Do you feel pain, tension, cold, or warmth in certain parts of your body?

Go through every part of your body and consciously notice each one. This will help me know which body parts will get extra attention today.

2)  Meditation with Affirmation:

Either still in bed lying down or sitting (in bed, on the floor, on a chair, or by the loo 😊).

To start the day positively, I recommend meditations with affirmations. Ask yourself which affirmation you need especially today? This could be an affirmation about

–        your health

–        your wealth

–        your relationship / attracting your soulmate

–        getting rid of the pain

–        getting rid of anger

–        ideal weight

–        true happiness

–        tap into creativity

–        life in general

–        etc.

Choose the affirmation that you need. Of course, this can be different every day.

Always say your affirmation/affirmations in the present tense! You can go to my website and download for free my Meditation with Affirmations. And enjoy my meditations on my youtube-channel Or you can take a look at my full extraordinary meditation program, there you can find 28 guided meditations with 7 meditations with affirmations in them.

3)  Practicing Yoga

I love yoga in the morning to stabilize my cardiovascular system and to stretch my body. This is also a good time to practice staying calm and feeling the joy of being in this tranquil state. It doesn’t have to be half an hour or an hour. 3 to 5 poses are often enough to feel grounded and consciously make that body-mind connection.

If the weather allows it, you can also do your yoga practice in nature, so the sense of being in touch with nature is added to the wonderful sensation of practicing yoga.


4)  Writing in your Gratitude Journal

Write at least 10 things

Practicing Gratitude and being grateful is important to live a fulfilled life. Write down on a piece of paper, in a notebook, or in your own gratitude journal what you are grateful for in your life. It can be simple things like breathing in the air, your family, your home, the food on your table every day, etc. Gratitude shields you from negativity! This ensures a positive start to the day.

I love waking up positive, focused, and grateful. It gives me the feeling to move mountains. 

Write me in the comments about how you start your day and jump into it with a sense of drive.

Don’t forget – live your life UP – and live the U.P. Way 😉