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Discover how to tame anxiety, remove stress, get rid of low self-esteem, over-weight, depression, and find joy and prosperity with simple daily practices you can do anywhere.

Lack of Money?

Low Self-Esteem?




Mental Well-Being

Physical Well-Being

Personal Growth

Are you fearful about the future and unhappy with your life? 

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed?

Are you having trouble focusing and seeing the good?

Do you need more prosperity in your life?


  • Top entrepreneurs – like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres
  • Movie stars – like Hugh Jackman, Jessica Alba, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez
  • Scientists – like Joe Dispenza
  • Athletes – like Michael Jordan, and
  • All-around high performers – like Elon Musk

are now confessing that one of the most important tools they relied on in their career (especially when it skyrocketed) was meditation


Meditation can take a lot of forms and you will eventually find the one that speaks most to you, but you have to start somewhere. 

All the good and bad things in life come from the way you can discipline your mind AND how you feel and interpret what happens to you on a daily basis. 


Once you learn how to tame your mind, gain clarity and understand what is really important for you, your quality of life will change tenfold. 


Happiness, joy, and appreciation are accessible to you. You just need to learn how to remove the cloud of negativity and fear that keep those away from you. 


You don’t need to create the bright side of life. It’s already there, waiting, and I will teach you the exact practices you can do for less than 20 minutes per day to gain clarity, peace, and confidence.

Experience the easiest and most pleasurable way to learn how to meditate

Meditation doesn’t have to be hard. 

Maybe you have tried it in the past and did not feel successful. 

But I am here to teach you a different way. 

You will learn how to make meditation a positive experience.

You will discover simple practices for a happier and more relaxed life. 

And you are about to learn how to:

✅ Live a happy, joyful, and stress-free life

✅ Remove anxiety and have a sure way to tame it when it arises

✅ Be more aware of the present moment and experience true gratitude

✅ Discipline your mind

✅ Use breathing techniques to control your state

The Key Practice That Can Change Your Life

By getting clarity, confidence, and focus while being more in tune with what the Universe has to offer will allow you to tap into new potential.

Do you want to manifest your dreams faster?

Are you physically and mentally exhausted and wish there was a way to reset?

Have the personal development books and courses failed to bring you peace?


Learn how to strengthen the 4 Pillars of a happy life with 4 Bundles of Meditation techniques that will address:

✅ Fulfillment, happiness, and spiritual connection 

✅ Mental well-being 

✅ Physical well-being 

✅ Personal growth and abundance

“Ursula Perl is a master at meditation.  I purchased her bundle and feel an enormous amount of gratitude for the tremendous value received from the many different meditations.  I love the calm voice, easy to follow instructions and the results.  I definitely recommend Ursula Perl to help you to start and enhance your meditation practice.”
Peggy McColl

New York Times Best-Selling Author,

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Meditation with Affirmations Ursula Perl

7 Meditations with Affirmations

This Bundle Is For You to Solve Issues With


Lack of Love

Glued to the Past

Unfulfilled Life


Not Living To Your Full Potential


Physical Well-Being Meditations Ursula Perl

7 Mental Well-Being Meditations

This Bundle Is For You to Solve Issues With


Fear of Corona Virus!





and a Special Beginners Meditation

Physical Well-Being Meditations Ursula Perl

7 Physical Well-Being Meditations

This Bundle Is For You to Solve Issues With

Weight Loss

Muscle Relaxation

Healing Relaxation

Listen to your Body

Posture Issues


and a Full Bodyscan Meditation

Personal Growth Meditations Ursula Perl

7 Personal Growth Meditations

This Bundle Is For You to Solve Issues With


Financial Abundance

Helping Others


Setting Goals


Understanding Emotions

You will discover:

  • The power of daily affirmations (done right)
  • How to overcome the fear that paralyzes you
  • Listen to your body, correct your posture, relax and heal 
  • How to adopt an abundance mindset and set bold goals for your life

Embark on a truly life-changing experience that will redefine how you see the world and boost your confidence in your own abilities and help you see the bigger picture! 

Dive into the U.P. Way of Meditation

and improve all aspects of your life

A method for anyone and everyone

Easy to learn in a short time

Meditation is a natural right!

Once you experience the results you will understand if it comes naturally to every human being, no matter their background or age.

We have just been conditioned to forget about it and we have become too disconnected from our body and soul. 


My guided meditations will take you from zero in a step-by-step relaxed journey to mastering meditation and the practices that bring more calm, confidence, and joy. 

You will learn easily and in a fun way just by relaxing for a few minutes every day and practicing while listening to the sound of my voice.


It doesn’t matter if you have never meditated before or if you have and did not quite get it. 


I have been there and was lucky enough to be guided first by meditation coaches and later on by meditation masters who taught me the way.

Meditation was the single most important thing I discovered in my life!


While going through tough times years ago, battling with depression, anxiety, and lack of confidence, I tried hundreds of different practices and listened to all the popular self-development mentors! 


The only thing that really showed consistent results and helped me really take control of my life was meditation and I am super grateful for my mentors and coaches. 

Now it is my turn to give back!

Learn how to meditate today!

So, take the first step to a happier and more fulfilled life today!

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My mission is to help you,

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