“Ursula Perl is a master at meditation.  I purchased her bundle and feel an enormous amount of gratitude for the tremendous value received from the many different meditations.  I love the calm voice, easy to follow instructions and the results.  I definitely recommend Ursula Perl to help you to start and enhance your meditation practice.”
Peggy McColl

New York Times Best-Selling Author,

Begin your journey towards clarity, happiness, and peace!


There is a way to quiet your mind and attain more peace and focus and you are about to learn it! 

Meditation doesn’t have to be hard and I know you have probably tried it a few times without being “successful.” But there is another way! 

I’m here to guide you on a different path and teach you how to master this powerful technique without the pressure of a certain result. 

What if you could learn to meditate in an easy and joyful way?

Do you want to:

  • Discipline your mind and be able to stop obsessive thoughts whenever you want?
  • Be more aware of the present moment?
  • Start to experience happiness, gratefulness, and joy?
  • Get rid of anxiety with simple breathing exercises you can do anywhere?

Through her experience in teaching thousands of people how to meditate, Ursula has designed and polished step-by-step guided meditation programs that gently give you the tools to discipline your mind and connect to your spirit and body. 

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Everyone can do it

There is no such thing as a person that cannot meditate. 

The “meditation is not for me” phrase is the equivalent to “showering is not for me”.

Yes, you can choose not to do it and still live a good life, but why not learn a simple and natural method in order to massively increase the quality of your life?

With proper guidance, even the most restless person can understand how to be aware of the present moment, quiet the mind, and connect with the body in what can easily become an awe-inspiring, joyful, and even life-changing moment. 

Take control of your life and finally learn how to meditate in the easiest form possible.

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“I will not let anyone walk through my mind
with their dirty feet”

– Mahatma Gandhi

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